PPSR - Automatic Notification Service

    As published in CK Momentum Issue 6  (Click here to download)

    Keeping up to date with what charges are held over your business can be time consuming and costly. It is impractical for business owners to constantly search the Personal Property Securities Register (“PPSR”) to make sure the security interests registered over their assets are properly registered and described, and any discharged registrations have been removed from the PPSR. 

    To make this easier, you can sign up for the PPSR’s automatic notification service and receive an email whenever a new security interest is registered against your business. This allows you to keep track of all new encumbrances and ensure no unwarranted charges are registered without your knowledge, which can cause problems if you wish to refinance or sell your business. 

    If you require assistance in relation to your security interests registered on the PPSR, then please contact us.

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